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The pictures on this page are photographs or photographed objects, 

30x45 € 100,- 

Other sizes possible.

Goya scrotch test sheet, 2014

One day you look out the window and you see the shadow of a famous cartoon character (Lambik) on your neighbour's roof. Only in the summer, only between 15 and 16, photograph, 2016

Dreams change, and this is only true, but what it really means? Photograph of painted legs, 2001

Moving landscape, photograph, 2016

I walked over the trottoir and saw this snail slowly writing the word "love",  

photograph, 2017

Cloudscape in cheerfull frame, love",  

photograph, 2017

Rubens scrotch test sheet, 2014

Citrus Barbie, photograph, 2016

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