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My new project Habsburgia is on its way. I plan to make a study of the former Habsburg Empire, because it has played such an important role in Central Europe. I want to visit the corners of this former Empire and make photographs and artworks or texts about them. Finally I would like to exhibit or publish the results.

Claudio Magris

The book Donau by the Italian author Claudio Magris is a big inspiration for me.

The Habsburg Empire consisted of many different ethnic groups and the question is how they managed to live together. This can be of interest as an orientation for the situation of today. Parts of the former Empire lay in such different countries as Austria, Romenia and Ukraine.

It means visiting different places in the corners of this former Empire and studying its long and varied history. Borders have been changing frequently so in order to get an orientation I will concentrate on the period of the double monarchy from the Ausgleich in 1867 untill the end of the Empire in 1918.

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Deze website heeft kuren. Ze doet vaak niet wat ze zou moeten doen. En ze vraagt om dingen die al zijn gedaan. Zo moet ik nu mijn "eerste" post schrijven, terwijl er al twee op staan.


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